LC Names the Giant Spruce in Regatta Park

Have you seen the giant spruce in Regatta Park.  It’s is huge and so cool.  It’s estimated to be over 400 years old. It’s just a short walk in the open space that’s an important part of the park.

To honor this beautiful tree and Lincoln City’s native american – Siletz Tribe heritage the City Council named this tree Nuu-k’wii-daa-naa-ye’

Take the time to see this beautiful tree.  You won’t be disappointed.

LC Council Tables Hearing on SW Jetty Realignment

During the August 13, 2018 City Council meeting the LC Council tabled a public hearing to consider realigning SW Jetty in Cutler City.  The  proposed realignment would eliminate the one-way SW Jetty Ave. and create a new two-way road at approximately 61st South.

If you’d like to speak to this topic, please attend the City Council meeting on August 27, 2018.  For information, contact Ron Chandler at

LC Council Adopts Animal Waste Ordinance

On August 13, 2018 the City Council adopted Ordinance 2018-08 which regulates the disposal of animal waste.

From a practical stand-point, when you’re walking your dog or other animal you will be required to remove and dispose of any fecal matter left by your animal on the sidewalk, street, right-of-way, park or other public areas in the City.  You’ll also be required to remove and dispose of any fecal matter left by your dog or animal on any property you don’t own.

You’re also required to carry with you a bag to pick up after your dog or animal.  Bags are found throughout the City such as the beach entrances, at the Outlet Stores and other locations.  Old plastic bags can be reused by picking up animal waste.

See the City’s web page to view the entire ordinance.


On Tuesday, August 7th over 500 Lincoln City community residents and visitors gathered at Kirtsis Park for an evening of family fun and community interaction.  This was Lincoln City’s first annual National Night Out, hosted by Lincoln City Parks and Recreation Department.  The Lincoln City Police Department and other organizations came together for this community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood fellowship.  This fun friendly event included live music, food, games, bounce houses, dunk tank and much more.  A big thank you to everyone that came out to show the strength and unity of our community.


Don’t miss out on the summer events at Lincoln City’s Driftwood Public Library.

  • The Family Night activities at the library on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM continue to be VERY popular. Last week, 132 children and their families attended a performance from Alex Zerbe the Zaniac, a juggler and prop comedian. The remaining events are as follows:
  • July 25th: Chayag: South American music
  • August 1st: Brad Clark story songs
  • August 8th: The Oregon Bird Man (live birds!)
  • August 15th: Henrik Bothe, juggler and magician
  • August 22nd: Oregon Rocks! (play with rocks and learn about geology)
  • On Sunday, July 15th, the library hosted a free concert from professional violist Rose Hashimoto. She played a number of pieces, some traditional and some highly experimental, that showcase the versatility of the viola. Rose is a Juilliard-trained musician who resides in New York City, but who has family in Seattle and Oregon. This is the second time she has played free of charge at the library; the last time was with The Evergreen String Quartet in 2015. 41 people attended this performance, and many lingered afterward to talk to Rose about music and performing. Video of one of the more experimental pieces can be seen on the library’s Facebook page, here:


The City Council Sets New Budget for Police Building

The Lincoln City Council met on July 18th to review the status of the proposed police budget and set a new budget.  The City Council previously established a budget of $10.5 million which was based on debt payments on the building.  The City’s charter allows using transient room tax funds for building construction and maintenance.

The original design was estimated to cost approximately $14.5 million.  The City Council asked staff and the architects to reduce the size of the building from 24,000 square feet to 18,000 square feet and work toward the $10.5 million budget.  It was anticipated in February that the price might be higher however the City Council wanted to work toward the new budget.

Tonight we presented a new estimate of $12.5 million based on the reduced building size and other cuts.  The original plan included demolishing the old building but we will save approximately $500,000 by deferring it’s demolition.  Tonight’s proposal also deferred landscaping until a later date.

After reviewing all of the proposed cuts, the Council added a few items back in and approved a budget of $12.6 million.

We still plan to limit the debt service to $10.5 million and the remaining $2.1 million will be covered by City funds.  The largest sources of revenue will come from City reserves.  The City’s finance director and I will present the required resolutions for using these funds in August.

We anticipate ground breaking in November.


The City would like to thank everyone that participated in the July 5th beach cleanup.  It was a great success and a lot of fun.  We sincerely appreciate all you do to keep Lincoln City beautiful.